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We can help you and your organization reduce, if not eliminate, workplace violence by learning how to “support people, not just their behaviours”™. To do this, organizations must first build a healthy relationship between and among all the stakeholders in an organization.

Read why Canadian organizations are choosing The Mandt System.

On June 12, 2012, the Ontario Ministry for Community and Social Services identified The Mandt System® for use in service settings which operate under the direction of the Ministry.   The Mandt System® is available in most provinces to help you create safe environments in which people live, learn, work and play.  See MCSS summary report

In 2010, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report showing that safety increased in all service sectors, except for health care and human services. (Janocha and Smith, 2010). We know that budgets for human services, and training specifically, are being cut but we believe that the safety of service users and service providers must be maintained! At the heart of dry, dollar driven discussion regarding the work done in human service and health care set­tings are clients, residents, patients, staff, families, and friends seeking the peace of mind that comes with the emotional, psychological and physical safety that all human beings need.

It is this peace of mind that The Mandt System® can help you find and then give to everyone. This peace of mind comes from the fact that the instructional certification provided by The Mandt System® truly puts all people first by building healthy workplace relationships in which:

  • Your service users will be safer
  • Your staff will be safer
  • Your work will meet or exceed your industry standards for safety

These statements are not simply marketing gimmicks but represent verifiable research based outcomes in programs like yours.

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