Training of staff in “the prevention and use of restraint” is a requirement in all human services. The Mandt System annual student certification is recommended to be delivered in 3 days to provide the most comprehensive understanding of the skills. There is flexibility in delivery options for 1 -3 day options.Training in the minimum requirements will give staff good skill sets, and providing additional information moves people from mere staff training to staff development by certifying the staff member’s knowledge base.

While training may enhance quality, staff development and certification can:

  • “re-define” what quality looks like,
  • increase the safety of both staff and service recipients, and
  • provide a substantial “return on investment” through fewer injuries, fewer investigations, and reducing staff turnover.

Barbara Michaud, instructor since 2002, of Moncton Employment and Training Society of Moncton, NB says:
I believe very strongly in The Mandt System.  It has been time tested with our organization to have a significant impact on positive support to people and I think other organizations are having this same experience.  I have been with METS for 26 years now and I can confidently say your program has brought the most improvements to the services we provide.”

The Mandt System has been used successfully (reducing the frequency and duration of incidents requiring “hands on interventions”, reducing injuries, reducing turnover of staff and improving staff to staff and staff to service recipient relationships) in settings throughout Canada along with other countries. For more information on the experiences of other Canadian organisations, please contact us. Click here to request information.

Return on Investment (ROI) is a key element in assessing the effectiveness of any intervention. Many organisations using The Mandt System® have recorded lower rates of physical restraint, as well as increases in staff morale, decreases in staff turnover, and increases in client satisfaction. Please visit our website at to learn more about how using The Mandt System® can actually save you more money than you will spend.

Peter Hohbein, instructor since 2008,  of Mirkacare, Edmonton, AB says:
“Since we started to use the Mandt System, we have reduced restraints by 99%. As well the staff has learned new and better ways to work with the people we care for. We help them become independent and they feel that they have a purpose in the community. When using the Mandt System, the people in care feel safe and have a happy life.”

Instruction by The Mandt System begins with the development of healthy workplace relationships between all staff at all levels of the organization to enhance teamwork. The healthy relationships extend to healthy relationships between staff and service recipients creating feelings of trust and safety and ultimately a more therapeutic milieu in which to work and recover.

Linda Gochee, instructor since 2010, of Vantage Enterprises Ltd, Calgary, AB says:
“The Mandt System has improved all relationships in our organization – staff to staff, supported individuals to staff and staff to families. It is incorporated in our philosophies and has changed our organizational culture in the most positive way!”

The Mandt System certification program focuses on helping individuals to support people, not just their behaviours, through trauma informed treatment using positive behavioural supports.

The Mandt System has been used successfully (reducing the frequency and duration of incidents requiring “hands on interventions”, reducing injuries, reducing turnover of staff and improving staff to staff and staff to service recipient relationships) in numerous settings and with all populations.

Darlene Jewra, instructor since 2011, of Vancouver Resource Society, Vancouver, BC says:
“I have been a proud instructor of CPI for many years. The staff have always loved the course and embraced the material. I have taught it with confidence, always loving and challenging staff attending.

Learning this material has literally shaken my foundation. This needing to shake the foundation of the staff, whom I have taught,and trust me. Mind-blowing techniques of Mandt such as, quick touch, hold not grab, going in close for safety and balance, the relax (is brilliant) the ‘excuse the touch’. These and many more things I have learned in this one week course is mind bending and awesome! The benefits to staff, clients, witnesses, etc. is priceless. I wish I could let all agencies and school districts know how much they are missing, how psychologically supportive intervention can be, and how non-threatening, physically and safe, and respectful crisis support.”

The Mandt System is used nationally and internationally in psychiatric inpatient settings, forensic facilities, juvenile justice, criminal justice, day treatment programs, home health programs, education systems, hospitals and intermediate care facilities. References specific to service type or settings are available upon request.

In addition to our approval by MCSS, The Mandt System® also meets all the requirements needed to support your organisation to comply with accreditation requirements and standards of performance from:

  • The Joint Commission,
  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities,
  • Council On Accreditation, and
  • provides 3.5 continuing education units through the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

As a result of The Mandt System®, organizations have been able to increase the morale of staff, decrease turnover of staff, and empower staff to be more effective in their teamwork, as teamwork is nothing more than “Relationships in Action.” (The Mandt System®, 2010)

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