In 2017 we are launching the Mandt Academy for Professional Development (MAPD). The goal of this initiative is to connect Mandt Certified Trainers and others with key experts and thought leaders in fields allied and related to creating and supporting healthy workplaces. MAPD’s offerings will largely be single day events though the option of programs such as SSL (Supporting Successful Leadership) offered by Dr. Karen Heller can be commissioned as a multiple day program.

Let us give you a glimpse of the faculty expertise within our Academy. 

Why do some children’s problem behaviour continue and/or escalate no matter how adults respond?  Individuals with pervasive and persistent challenging behaviour are often reinforced by the very things that are commonly used as consequences for misbehaviour.  In order to break the cycle of problem-punish-problem-punish, adults need a different approach that considers the function of problem behaviour or the factors that contribute to its occurrence and maintenance. Dr. Kaye Otten is the co-author of How to Reach and Teach Children with Challenging Behaviour and has over twenty years of experience working as a behaviour specialists in public schools supporting students of all ages and ability levels.

“There is much to learn as independent of the exact nature and severity of their disability, all children and youth with ASD require careful individualized planning to experience education success.”  “How can you best help children with autism reach their full potential?”  Dr Richard. Simpson will introduce participants to basic information about individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), including characteristics of the disorder; salient historical features linked to understanding ASD; and causal and intervention models used to explain and guide interventions and supports for individuals with ASD.

Then move on to learn from Dr. Richard Simpson regarding Functional Based Assessment and Evidence-Based Management Interventions for Student with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Identification, implementation, and evaluation of scientifically supported and evidence-based individualized management and support methods are fundamental and essential elements of an effective educational program for children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). This workshop will instruct participants to use functional behaviour assessment and analysis procedures to select, apply and evaluate evidence-based and positive behaviour management interventions and supports..

Mandt Leadership Programs are about shaping leaders today – bringing together participants from a wide variety of sectors and providing a learning environment that will inspire them, and help them develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of themselves, their workplace, and role within their community. Dr. Karen M. Heller is a highly respected and recognized expert in the field of Organizational Leadership and Positive Behaviour Interventions and Supports, with over 30 years of direct and practical experience. Her results-oriented approach places her in high demand as an international presenter, consultant, and trainer. Karen’s expertise encompasses the areas of behaviour management/support, leadership and organizational change, conflict resolution and special education.  Dr. Heller will provide the Mandt Supporting Successful Management in either 2 or 3 day sessions.  Additional 1-day course will be offered around leadership ideas and skills.

Read more through our brochures available for you to download

How to Reach and Teach Children with Challenging Behaviour – by Dr. Kaye Otten

Introduction and Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders – by Dr. Richard Simpson

Functional Behavioural Assessment and Evidence-Based Management Interventions for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders – by Dr. Richard Simpson

Supporting Successful Leadership – Rethinking Management – by Dr. Karen Heller

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